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The El Paso Nightlife

The El Paso Nightlife
The El Paso Nightlife

Things to do with your Family.

Things to do with your Family.
Things to do with your Family.

Search for places to eat at!

Search for places to eat at!
Search for places to eat at!

Shopping malls in El Paso

Shopping malls in El Paso
Shopping malls in El Paso

Beauty Salon in El Paso,TX

Beauty Salon in El Paso,TX Beauty Salon in El Paso,TX


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Enjoying El Paso TX

With a metro area covering both El Paso and Hudspeth Counties, El Paso boasts a population of some 830,735 people. Standing on the Rio Grande directly across form the border of Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, these two cities, in addition to Las Cruces, form a unique international Metropolitan area. That is a must see for everyone.

Interestingly enough, in spite of the large population, in February of 2013, El Paso was ranked as one of the safest large cities in the entire United States of America for the third consecutive year. El Paso has boasted this ranking in the top three safest cities since 1997.

The History of El Paso TX

Humans have lived in the region of El Paso for thousands of years. One of the earliest cultures in the area were the maize farmers. When the Spanish arrived, the Manso, Suma and the Jumano tribes lived in the area and they were eventually incorporated into the Mestizo culture as well as immigrants from the Central region of Mexico, and the captives from the Comancheria as well as a few other smaller ethnic groups that were in the area.

Present day Juarez was located on the south banks of the Rio Bravo Del Norte (Rio Grande) by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1659. During the early 1680s the small village known as El Paso was the temporary location for Spanish governance in the then territory of New Mexico. In 1692, when Santa Fe was once again reconquered, El Paso again became the capital and remained the largest of the settlements in then New Mexico. In 1848 El Paso seceded to Texas and became a part of the US when Texas overtook it in the 1850s. The current boundary line between Texas and Mexico was drawn up in the Compromise of 1850. The United States Senate is responsible for the boundary drawn up between the 32nd parallel and they ignored the history and the topography that had originally denoted the boundary line.

Places to Eat in El Paso Texas

There are many great places to eat in El Paso Texas and you'll find something for everyone on your list in this town. Of course, it wouldn't be Texas if we didn't include a steak house in this list.

Cattlemen's Steakhouse offers the best of both worlds with steak, sea food and burgers. It may be a bit pricey, but our sources say it's well worth the cost for this fine dining and delicious food. If you have a vegetarian on your list be sure to take them to Tacoholics. There you will find a vegan friendly menu that will tempt even the most carnivorous palate. If you're seeking Asian Vegetarian cuisine, this is the place to go.

Through experience, we've discovered that often the "hole in the wall" restaurants deliver the finest of fare and you won't be challenged waiting for a seat as few people know of these great places. We've found a few of those as well for you to sample. Consider The Edge of Texas Steakhouse and Saloon. You'll find kid friendly service and fare at decent prices. if you want a romantic place to eat this establishment caters to that as well with live music and bookings for private parties as well.

With so many great places to eat around El Paso TX you won't have a difficult time finding good places to eat, your challenge will be getting to all of the places you'd like to eat at in your short visit to this delightful town. You may well find yourself planning to extend your stay or planning several return trips to get to all of the restaurants on your list.

El Paso weather

The milder temperatures of West Texas in El Paso surprise many a visitor. If you're visiting in the winter months you can expect lows down to 33 Fahrenheit with warmer days in the 60s to lower 70s and cooler nights dipping back into the 30s. In the Spring and Summer months you can expect temperatures in the 60s to the 90s.

The warmest month on average is the month of June and the highest recorded temperature for June was recorded in 1994 at 114 Fahrenheit. January is the average coldest month with a record setting low of -8 recorded in 1962. August is considered to be the wettest month in general and you'll see precipitation of average 2.01 inches.

If you're looking for a mild variety weather and diversity along with some fascinating history then El Paso TX is the place to visit.